Charles Babbage

Who is Charles Babbage?

Charles Babbage was born in London, England in 1791. He grew up to become a polymath, having knowlegde in the fields of mathmatics, philosophy, mechanical engineering and inventing. Babbage is perhaps best known for originating the concept of the programmable computer.

Basic Information

Date of Birth 26/12/1791
Date of Death 18/09/1871
Died at Age 79
Education University of Cambridge
Greatest Achievement Originating the concept of the programmable computer


Babbage taught himself some parts of contemporary mathematics, which he read from authors Robert Woodhouse, Joseph Louis Langrange, and Marie Agnesi; because of the knowledge he already had, he was dissapointed with the standard of mathematical instruction at the University.


In 1812, Babbage formed the Analytical Society with John Herschel, George Peacock and several other friends. The society was founded to introduce continental methods of mathematical calculus into English practice.

Babbage was also interested in lock picking, ciphers, chess, submarine propulsion, armaments, and diving bells.

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